Connect the right person at the right time!

Connect. Trigger. Consolidate.

Get the right people to act
at the right time

Trigger your people to take initiative

Facilitate ownership and participation by connecting and triggering your employees.

Gain organizational speed

Directly notify stakeholders. Connect people driven by the heartbeat of your company.

Anticipate on potential issues

Transparently communicate and inform your people, teams or organisation simultaneously.

Boost Continuous Improvement

Capture consistent data and connect your BI-system, go from gut-feeling to semi-scientific analysis. 

Our software is an essential asset for helping organizations get the most out of their workforce by reducing handover time. 

We deliver profit through an easy-to-install and -use ticket system

Impact can be made by small technological adjustments and data already available to your company. The best solutions are found in creativity and changing the point of view. Use our ticketsystem to check the proces and analyse the data of your company. We guide your employees in the trainingprocess.


Report from anywhere using our mobile application.

Directly notify the right stakeholders and turn issues into actions, decrease downtime faster than before. A lot of (small) issues get overlooked. Report issues, perform audits, suggest improvements, using ReportAnywhere. Engage people to perform a corrective action on the spot. Capture knowledge on how issues are resolved and unveil the financial impact of decisions. Enable anticipation of potential issues downstream by informing people or teams simultaneously.



Sit in the driver seat of your organization using our web application.

ConnectAnywhere, can trigger your people to take initiative. Choose for a reaction method such as escalation and notification to make sure no issues stay unnoticed and increase your organizational speed. Create a heartbeat in your company using a digital Andon. Use our decision methods, to speed up the allocation of reports, issues, audits and more to the team.

“95% of variation in the performance of a system is caused by the system itself, only 5% is caused by the people."

W. Edwards Deming

Combine Report and ConnectAnywhere
to cover different business needs

Report an issue

Notify your first line support when you have a technical error on the line or you have noticed quality or supply chain issues. 


Perform an audit

Using our customizable template you can perform 5S audits, Gemba-walks or system checks.

Asses a risk

Safety first. When handling a task that is not standard you can do a last minute risk assesment.


Conduct a quality check

Finishing up the work that has been done? Perform a quality check to make sure you are complying with the order. 


Suggest an improvement

Continuous improvement starts from the workfloor. You have a great idea or a solution for a recurring issue? Easily suggest an improvement to the team. 

Digital Andon

Increase your uptime by connecting your people to our software, and directly notify the people who can resolve the issue. 


Connect with the tools you use everyday

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