Report from anywhere using our mobile application.  

File a report

File a report and directly notify the stakeholder of the process. Follow-up on the status of your report. 

Annotate your picture

Add a picture to your report to make it easier for your colleagues to understand the issue. 

Close a report

Date time capture when closing a report to give insights on your resolution times.
Add a remark to your report.


Get an overview of filed reports and search within your report list on date, keywords and status.

Share your report

Share your report with your organization, team, managers or customers.

Push Notifications

Get notified from within the ReportAnywhere application. Receive push notification on your phone. 


Sit in the driver seat of ReportAnywhere using our web application.

User Management

Add users to your system and define their user role within ReportAnywhere.

Define report and notification groups

Easily create the report and notification groups that matters for your operations. 

Report Builder

Design your report so the proper information is provided and custom fields collected when users submit reports. Define the data fields you want to track and collect information, in a variety of data formats including text, pictures, QR-codes and more.


Create your workflow. Route your reports to the stakeholders of the proces, so your people know what they need to work on. 

Connect with your BI system

Track the data you want to track. All captured data by ReportAnywhere is readable by your BI-system so you can create your own dashboard.