How do we translate our statements into a Daily Management Tool?

Our software provides the benefits of a Daily Management System. With a Daily Management System you can follow-up the goals of your company for every department on a daily basis. Keep track on the growth of your company and anticipate on potential risks. Save profit by preventing potential losses, create a particpating work environment and validate your Key Performance Indicators.

At aeriez we boost your Continuous Improvement through Plan-Do-Check-Act / Standardize-Do-Check-Act. This is a widely implemented method for many years accros different bussiness models for validating growth and improvement. Discover the benefits of aeriez linked to the PDCA / SDCA-method. 


Made possible by your team

The heartbeat of every company are the employees and your company is no different. Allow teams and individuals to check if the defined goals are reached or when action is needed. Utilise the knowledge from each stakeholder, from an operator to a manager, to idenfity the source of issues and set up an adequate plan.

Daily management and SMART goals

Digitalize safety protocols, quality checks and audits like S5 or Gemba Walks to create a digital standard for each department. Add questions in line with the needs of your company and define SMART goals. Give real-time feedback about the status of machines and anticipate on potential issues creating a digital andon to follow-up and prioritize a smooth workflow.


Impact culture and behavior

‘I don’t know why so it is not important’ or ‘What is in it for me?’ are regular sounds in most companies. Create ownership by visualizing the organizational design, enable input from your operators and show how their input makes a difference by showing the status of their requests. Increase bottom-up communication while gaining organizational speed.

Facilitate communication

Connect the person who notices an issue with the person who can solve it. Trigger to action and decrease hand-over time. Automatically notify stakeholders, decrease the number of participants involved in the communication chain and find solutions faster. Track and trace a ticket to know who is working on it and reveil the status of a request.


Objectively collect data

Collect input of all employees and use the same tool to record, share and solve an issue. Speak the same language and create the same mindset to avoid filters and communication errors, regardless of what their function is. Do no longer rely on a few pieces of the puzzle but look at the whole picture to tackle a challenge.

Re-defining your organizational design

Follow a ticket from start until finish throughout your organization and reveal which departments execute which tasks. Gain acces to the input of Maintenance, Quality, IT, Customer Service, Sales and Management to discover the true challenges and redefine your Key Performance Indicators. Provide a system health check for each department individually or your company as a whole.


A learning platform to consolidate knowledge

Experienced employees are your most valuable assets, they have the know-how and carry out the company values. Collect the good practices and knowledge of your experienced employees to train new employees. Learn from critical incidents, revisit previous tickets and boost Continuous Improvement.

An escalation tool

In need of urgent support from co-workers, other departments or a manager? Connect or escalate with a few clicks to trigger the right people to action. Adjust the time frame in which an action is crucial and automatically escalate. Decrease non-value added time and reduce risks on potential problems. 

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