Change your profit with your mind!

Is your company interested in

reducing gut-feeling?

gaining control of blind spots?

unbiased data driven ROI?

solving issues with a single tool?

prioritizing on new challenges?

transferring and sustaining knowledge?

Every stakeholder has a different piece of the same puzzle

At aeriez we know the value of Operators, Teamleaders and Managers to provide information about disruptions and the current state of the organization or to suggest improvements. Companies like us focusing on Industry 4.0 buy a lot of sensor-technologies to capture the right data. However already available sensors are our own employees, even though they are biased.

Did you ever make a wrong decision because the information you got was not the right view on the situation?

No matter how valuable their assets, if our employees are biased the consequences could be severe. 

Only being able to perceive a certain perspective is called a bias. Biases are common in all aspects of our life, also in the professional aspect. Biases and filters are formed by beliefs, experiences and skills, education and many other factors based on social interaction. 

Biases and filters are useful tools with advantages:

+ adapt to situations

+ quickly react on issues or situations

+ participate on future actions

+ increase autonomy

When communicating we automatically use these filters with the best intentions.


A good intention does not create an adequate solution!

The consequences of the filters remain unnoticed and are a continual loss of resources and profit.

A lack of input

The role of the teamleader is to transfer data between operators and management. He is sandwiched and tries to deliver useful information to all stakeholders. However, unwillingly the teamleader filters the issues given from the operators to other stakeholders. These biases and a fuzzy problem description result in only a small amount of issues met with a profound solution. A large amount of issues remains unknown and result in a continuous loss.
Increasing the amount of input could increase the amount of issues solved...

A fixed mindset

Decisions are based on gut-feeling and experience. Though these are valuable elements in their own right, a data driven tool to identify the problem is missing. The person in charge and his experience takes a central position in providing a solution. The risk is a fixed mindset. If the teamleader does not perceive something as a problem, then it will not be solved. Identifying on real time data would increase the reaction speed of our company.

The real time data could be monitored through software and employees...

A lack of comprehension of the system

Do you often experience recurring issues? If the answer is yes, then the real problem might be a lack of comprehension of the system. Solving the core issue is a more sustainable solution than solving each issue independent. A deep understanding of the system enables smart problem solving.

Studying the system would help to create a method and prevent returning issues...

How can aeriez create more value within our company?

  • Consistent data collection
    Identify all possible sources of issues and use our software to daily support your employees.

  • Standardised questions
    Use existing audits or safety protocols as a format to gather info about your internal procesess and filter data. Gain control of blind spots, discover patterns and make decisions based on data.

  • Ensuring all stakeholders have the necessary information
    Add pictures, extra questions or other details to functional groups. Define these groups, sent notifications and grant access to all stakeholders to prevent biases. Increase bottom-up communication and show how your organization functions.

  • Consolidate and sustain knowledge
    Store the method and outcome of incidents for current and future empoyees. Revisit previous tickets to learn from the past and improve the future.

  • Facilitate continuous improvement
    Often an issue is larger than estimated. Discover the difference between continual and occasional loss of resources and profit. Adjust the way issues are solved by adjusting their definition. This is the first step to create awareness.

Change your profit with your mind!

aeriez provides software to cover different business needs

Report an issue
Notify your first line support when you have a technical error on the line or you have noticed quality or supply chain issues.

Perform an audit
Using our customizable template you can perform 5S audits, Gemba-walks or system checks.

Asses a risk
Safety first. When handling a task that is not standard you can do a last minute risk assesment.

Conduct a quality check
Finishing up the work that has been done? Perform a quality check to make sure you are complying with the order.

Suggest an improvement
Continuous improvement starts from the workfloor. You have a great idea or a solution for a recurring issue? Easily suggest an improvement to the team.

Digital Andon
Increase your uptime by connecting your people to our software, and directly notify the people who can resolve the issue.   

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