Reduce hidden costs with
minimal change and effort.

Do you want your organization to

communicate more efficiently?

reduce hand-over time?

reduce hand-over time?

make accurate and fast decisions?

create a real time feedback-loop?

Time is valuable and gets wasted

At aeriez we know your time is valuable. Unfortunately our day to day actions sometimes lead to non-value added time. Time that we could have spend more efficiently, to achieve our goals. Identifying the losses helps us to take proper actions. Let's continue with some of examples of non-value added time within the manufacturing environment. 

Finding the person that has the knowledge.
Sometimes we need support from our colleague's, in our daily activity's. But it isn't clear who to contact best. We make call's, setup meetings, send mails with a dozen collegues in CC. We find ourselves going from one person to another... to find support. 

The status of a request is unknown.
Once we find the person that can provide us with support we submit our request. But it isn't clear what the progress of our request is. Thoughts like: "Are they working on it?" or "Have they forgotten my request?" go through our minds. We find ourselves in daily contact... to receive a status update.

Backtracking issues.
As a stakeholder we are accountable for certain processes. But they forgot to inform me during the last issue. We contact first line employee's, simulate the issue or check all our mails to find an answer. We find ourselves backtracking issues... to find out what actually happened.

How can aeriez create more value within our company?

  • Connect the right person at the right time
    Apply an easy-to-use ticketsystem to immediatly connect the person who asks a question to the one who is accountable for solving the issue. 

  • Track and trace
    Provide your employees real-time status updates with track and trace. Visualizing the progress towards a solution.  

  • Escalation Management
    Provide an escalation management tool to directly notify the stakeholders of the processes. Create more traction with the workfloor.

Reduce hidden costs with minimal change and effort

aeriez provides software to cover different business needs

Report an issue
Notify your first line support when you have a technical error on the line or you have noticed quality or supply chain issues.

Perform an audit
Using our customizable template you can perform 5S audits, Gemba-walks or system checks.

Asses a risk
Safety first. When handling a task that is not standard you can do a last minute risk assesment.

Conduct a quality check
Finishing up the work that has been done? Perform a quality check to make sure you are complying with the order.

Suggest an improvement
Continuous improvement starts from the workfloor. You have a great idea or a solution for a recurring issue? Easily suggest an improvement to the team.

Digital Andon

Increase your uptime by connecting your people to our software, and directly notify the people who can resolve the issue.   

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