aeriez is...

Aeriez is an organizational design company using datascience to impact culture. Our modern system health check app acquires organizational insights and consolidates knowledge. We use persuasive attention techniques to trigger engagement. This results in a daily management & escalation tool to develop the organization of the future.

Our organization is build by our team and their decisions according to the principles of sociocracy 3.0. This translates in a company where every employee is valued and a specialist in his own field of expertise. Some members take greater responsability according to their experience and empower their teammembers to grow and develop. Open communication is the foundation of our company. Every week we monitor our company goals and determine specific actions to reach them.

The heartbeat of aeriez

Ives De Saeger

Founder & CEO

Ennio Roels

Project & Sales Manager

"Every company needs organisation and every organisation is made by people."

Our values

Below you will find the values of our company. These values actively influence our behaviour and how we interact with eachother, partners and customers. They are the foundation of our company and our guide to contract new employees.


We are humans and mistakes happen. They are opportunities to learn and improve in our journey of becoming experts. We help our colleagues without judgment and guide them.


Everyone is valuable and an expert in his own area. We all have a piece of the puzzle and there are no less or more important pieces. Measures are equal for everybody.


We are sincere and authentic. We can be ourselves. There is room for personal growth and to discover what we need. Working as a team means supporting each other.


We choose to experience the slope rather than talking about it. We process an amazing amount of important work within an agreed period of time and take accountibility.


We get the chance to use our talents in the areas we feel comfortable in. Yet we are stimulated to learn and discover new skills and perspectives.


We are determined to identify root causes and find solutions. To do so we look at the whole picture and have a decisive mindset. We look out for future challenges and systematically tackle current issues.


Our collegues are our friends and deserve gratitude, respect and appreciation. There is room for different opions and every point of view is valuable. The best companies are made by happy employees.


We seek to understand an ecosystem, to learn new skills and to challenge concepts. A different point of view leads to new insights. We discover and share good practices and if needed, change habits. Bold possibilites are being investigated and validated. 

Nonviolent communication

Communication means connecting with others through empathy and respect. We are kind and aware of our own ego. We have courage to share our opinion, make decisions and reflect on our own actions and those of co-workers.

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