Follow the road to innovation with LicentiePro and aeriez 

Support customers of LicentiePro by

using a single tool for all communication

visualizing communication and requests

gaining control of blind spots

creating goal orientated teams

giving feedback and status updates

sustaining knowledge of employees

LicentiePro purchases and sell Microsoft Volume Licenses. Guaranteed. Certified. Verified. Auditproof.

LicentiePro supports organizations in optimalizing their IT-service to be more efficient, data driven and reduces IT-related costs. Save up to 72% compared to purchasing new licenses and buy only those your organization truely needs. Got to many licenses, too few or not the right ones? LicentiePro offers support from start to finish.

Important questions you could frequently encounter with customers:

- What kind of licenses support the innovation of my company?

- How can I optimalize the number of software licenses?
- What kind of software offers max protection for both my company and my customers?
- How to decrease the amount of stress and avoid burn-out for my employees?
- What is a good way to increase engagement?
- What kind of software can promote and support teamwork between departments?

Aeriez supports by visualizing otherwise hidden processes making them accessible:

- Discover the resolution time of an issue from start to finish.
- Identify different kinds of issues and innovate based on data and facts.
- Find out which departments / stakeholders are (unnecessarily) involved.
- Trust on the safe protection of Microsoft Azure.
- Connect different departments with just 1 app.

Our reportsystem connects the person with a question immediately with the right stakeholder. Our tool can be used in a wide range of industries: HR, Manufacturing, Automotive, Non-Profit and Healthcare.

How can aeriez create more value for your customers?

  • Consistent data collection
    Identify all possible sources of issues and use our software to support your employees/customers daily. Easy to set-up and adjust.

  • Standardised questions
    Use existing audits or safety protocols as a format to gather info about procesess and filter data. Gain control of blind spots, discover patterns and make decisions based on data.

  • Ensuring all stakeholders have the necessary information
    Increase bottom-up and top-down communication and visualize how the organization functions. Provide the right information to the right person. No more, no less.

  • Consolidate and sustain knowledge
    Revisit previous tickets to learn from the past and improve the future. Educate new employees faster and capture the knowledge of seasoned employees who know the company inside out.

  • Facilitate continuous improvement
    Discover the difference between continual and occasional loss of resources and profit. What are the real challenges and where are the bottle necks? This is the first step in continuous improvement.

Visualize the hidden costs and turn them into profit!

Our offer

  • Gather more data in less time for an in-depth analyzation of your organization.

  • Build on a foundation of facts and increase the quality of your services.

  • Increase your capacity: resolve more work with the same amount of employees.

Find out the benefits of a partnership!